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1. Accuracy and validity of information

Our conditions are regulated on the website Pregunly.lat all the information along with all the resources provided by the website. Our website is open to all public oriented in the area of education and for the interested person (user) we present the following conditions.

By using our website pregunly.lat you agree to all the terms of use, by registering you agree to all the terms described below.

2. Company

The website Pregunly.lat was developed by Erick Hernandez, founder and programmer of the website in order to help the student community. It is based in Cojutepeque, Cuscatán El Salvador.

The user can contact the operator by email contacto@pregunly.com

3. Website Services

The website has been developed in order that (registered) users can publish and store content regulated by our policies reliable and trustworthy for the public. All published content will be available in search engines so that other users through organic searches can find an answer that has been solved before.

4. User Actions

Registered users can post, reply and add digital content such as text, images in order to provide relevant content to the general public.

  • Ask questions about any school subject.
  • Answer other users' questions.
  • Comment on the questions.
  • Thank you on the right answers.

6. Allowed and disallowed content

Supported content is educational only

When registering explicit content that incites adult content, vulgar, vulgar, profane, or any other type of infringing content that is against the terms and conditions of use, pregunly.com reserves the right to suspend the account..

7. Version 09 November 2022

Pregunly has been developed by Erick Hernández